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Risk Services & PBOA has been a partner in the workers’ compensation market for more than 20 years. Some companies enter and leave, we will be here for you tomorrow and into the future. Our commitment to service and professional approach to all of our business operations make us your best choice.

In addition to competitive commissions, Risk Services & PBOA offers special promotions to our agency force. We are continually looking for ways to thank you for your business. Click on the Promotions link for further details.

Marketing Contacts
If you are interested in finding out more about the markets we have to offer you, please call Diane McCoy, Marketing Administrator, at (800) 226-0793 x330.

Getting Started
Please click on the Agency Profile link above to apply for an appointment with Risk Services & PBOA. The cover page to the Agency Profiles indicates the required documents. Please submit appointment information to Diane McCoy at

Existing Agents
Web Tropics provides access to on-line quoting, loss runs, and other agency reports. For more details, go to the On-line Quoting; Web Tropics link located above. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Diane McCoy at (800) 226-0793 x330.